Discovering Earth

The greatest rewards in art comes from utilizing your photographic eye and getting creative. A couple of weeks ago I went my local park in New Jersey and as usual nature was surprisingly rewarding. I love stumbling upon unexpected finds while exploring. Typically, if you wonder long enough your bound to run into something worth your while. For me it happens to be capturing that picture perfect moment.




Go down the unmarked path and make your own. That’s how I got the image above, although I was led to a dead end it was worth exploring. I used a slight worm’s eye effect as I aimed the camera more towards the sky. The correct use of framing will add a full and finished touch. Instead of having only the clouds as the background, I angled the lens so the top of a few trees were softly balanced in to focus on the beauty of the forest.



Centering the photo creates a balanced and symmetrical feel. As you can see in the differences in the image above versus the one below. Above, I framed the photo so the full circle was in focus which is satisfying to the eye (not to mention I framed it horizontally). Below I didn’t capture the full tire and the graffiti background isn’t as appealing in effect. This shot was taken vertically which left out crucial details of the object in focus and in turn the photo looks incomplete



It’s not if, it’s when I see graffiti art. I can’t walk by a wall of graffiti and not capture it. Seeing other people’s artwork collaborated into one giant burst of color and creativity intrigues me as there’s a touch of multiple individuals artistic approach. You can see it in the different styles of handwriting, messages written, and designs incorporated in the final unique masterpiece


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