Tell a Story Through an Image

As a photographer, I’m essentially trying to tell a story with my camera through the images I take. It’s a form of visual communication. This sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done. Through capturing emotion, action, and the mood, a picture is worth a thousand words. The beauty in this is- not one picture will come out the same. Through the decisive moment, you can capture the perfect picture at the perfect moment. There are a few factors to keep in mind when trying to capture a single photo that tells a story.



Capture body language and the expressions on faces to display a specific concept or feeling. By getting a certain reaction on camera, you will gain a response from the viewer as they make a connection with it. A powerful image should speak for itself. The dog in the photo below was very unpleased to find himself locked up while I was eating a delicious ham. You can see the desire in what appears to be literal puppy dog eyes




What’s going on in the scene? For instances when there is a lot going on, position the frame so it’s completely zoomed out. You may want to use a bigger space to get the entire view of the shot. Or you can choose to focus on a specific point and move closer to the subject to centralize concentration on that point of interest. Little details will help explain the story you’re trying to tell. The approach you take depends on what you as the photographer are trying to convey to the viewer.




In terms of dark vs. light colors: dark colors such as black, gray, and dark blue often foreshadow the idea that something bad is going to occur. Dark colors also give off a morbid, angry, evil, even frightening ambiance. While light colors on the other hand are associated with joyful, fun, and positive emotions.

In terms of low light vs. bright light: this is linked to what I described above. Low light matches the characteristics of dark colors since low lighting is typically used to display a more serious or gloomy take on things. Bright lighting is associated with the sun hence, the blissful vibes. In the picture below for instance, the dark skies depict a storm is about to hit. AKA, take cover!!



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