Symmetry & Repetitive Patterns

Repetition adds shape and composition in a photograph that is repeating

Patterns can be found in elements such as shapes, colors, lines, and texture


Helpful hints ~

Use zoom to fill out the entire frame in the photograph (so the pattern repetition will appear never ending)

Break of pattern ~

Interception of a pattern is a broken pattern that has noticeable repetition but then a sudden break in the pattern



Symmetry is the presence of two equal sides, when you divide the image in half it is the exact same on both sides as if it were facing a mirror. Also known as formal balance.

Hold the phone straight and centered directly towards the point of interest.  You’d be surprised how noticeable it is if you’re standing slightly closer to one side, it can throw the entire symmetrical balance off. Remember, you want to be able to literally fold the image in half and have it identical to the other side

~3 Types of symmetry~

Reflection Symmetry = mirror symmetry


Rotational Symmetry = subject rotating around point


Translational Symmetry = relocation of subject maintaining overall alignment


If you need symmetry in your life but can’t find it anywhere USE AN APP ~ I recommend

Photo Mirror and Effects



Asymmetry is the lack of symmetry. Often two unequal sides with distinct similarities. This composition isn’t typically evenly balanced which is why it’s commonly referred to as informal balance. To further distinguish asymmetry, clouds prove to be great examples as generally their shapes are distorted but arranged the same and carry the same weight visually. Or in the picture below as you can see the balloons aren’t symmetrical to one another location wise, but their form is identical and the space occupied carries the same weight



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