Editing Your Image (Black&White)

To be blunt, there is something you can do to every photo to enhance its quality whether it’s cropping, adding highlights, shadows, structure, sharpness, a blur, and everything else that falls under this category.

Apps – Instagram (of course), Photo Editor (by Axiem Systems), & Filterra

Black & White

Version 28C62DC52-AFF2-4143-AA98-F534EF26022A

Since there will be a lack of color, the focus is on shape, texture, exposure, and tones; these elements are made more significant


In the photo above, there was a noticeable blotch on the wall which my eye immediately was drawn to- not what I wanted. Crop your image if it seems too cluttered and you want more of a focus on the point of interest


Don’t dismiss grey! Even though we know it as black and white photography, the different shades of grey help to distinguish the subtlety of an image


By making the dark tones darker, the light shades seem brighter. Pick out images that already have distinct differences in light and dark tones. Shapes often cause distinct shadows to form over objects, causing the shadows to define the shape





IMG_3014Version 2



Refrain from using a black and white filter when the image’s vibrancy relies on the colorful aspect of it, or if there are too many similar color tones in the image because when converted into black & white the shades will look similar. Example shown below

IMG_3078Version 2


Feel free to message me I’d love to help someone edit their images if anyone is having trouble!


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