3×3 Headshot

Need a 3×3 headshot done but don’t know where to go? No worries, with a few tips you can do it at home!

The easiest way to take a headshot on your phone is taking the picture in square mode. This automatically crops the photo as 3×3. If you forget to do that, you can just as easily crop the image after as 3:3 or it may give the option “square”


Put thought into the background

To maintain the focus on your subject, use a plain background. I personally think natural sunlight always looks best so if you have a room with a few windows and light always shines through use that to your advantage! I mean, don’t have the person stand right behind the window as the direct light will block their face out. A few feet to the side of the widow will give off beautiful natural sunlight enhancing your photo by highlighting and bringing out your subject’s features

Depending on your preference, you may want a more dramatic light by casting a shadow on one side of the subject’s face. This is done by directing light on the side of the face you want highlighted causing the other side to have shade

Natural smile + Direct eye contact

**Don’t forget about the shoulders. Super important! If it looks like a head is awkwardly floating in the image it’ll ruin the shot



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