Lines & Angles

Taking the extra few seconds to set up a shot is worthwhile. A mundane image can be altered into simplistic beauty by using an effective perspective.

Lines vs. Paths

Lines ~ also know as leading lines direct the eye towards the point of interest. img_2525


Repetition in lines creates intriguing patterns (as shown below) img_2650



Paths ~ direct the eye away from the point of interest which often gives a vanishing effect


What do lines and paths have in common? Well…Ideally, the beginning of the line or path emerges the bottom corner of the image and ascends towards the main focal point

What are the benefits of using leading lines and paths to your advantage?

-Gives image natural appeal to the eye

-Enhances realism further engaging viewer into tge image

-Added abstract effect

*If finding these leading lines doesn’t come natural, and youre having a difficult time-you may need to change your currenr position (moving farther, closer from subject) point the lens in a different direction or try an obscure angle…


Different angles create a different vibe

Veritcal lines= strength, stability, power


Gives image emphasis on height – can make a building appear taller


Horizontal lines= calm, tranquillity, serenity,


This often represents a dividing point


Diagonal lines~ achieved by tilting lens slightly in correlation with leading lines. Depicted in the photo below, the diagonal lines gives the impression that the building extends to the sky



Curved Lines~ adds a sense of grace and smoothness. Commonly see is the “S curve” The name describes the lines appearance. The most practical use of this is typically seen when photography waves washing up onto the sand – as the waves forms an “S” with the thin level of water. I used another example below to demonstrate the idea:



Bird’s Eye View~ perception from above (so you would be pointing camera down at subject)



Worm’s Eye View~ perception from below. This is the world as an insect sees it (without wings!…so you would point camera up at subject)



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